NAFA’s International Fleet Academy: November 5-7, 2014
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Crack the Code of Global Fleet Management at NAFA’s 4th Annual International Fleet Academy!

Continuing the success of our previous conferences and at the continued request of NAFA members, our annual International Fleet Academy (November 5-7) will be held at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida! This is the perfect opportunity for fleet professionals to learn the intricacies of developing and implementing fleet policies across the globe.

NAFA’s International Fleet Academy will demystify global fleet management, as experts and panel discussions provide a confidential and trusted environment to share your questions, concerns, and issues with your peers.  Join in discussion and unique networking experiences to examine the news on global trends, fleet initiatives, how other fleet organizations are reducing TCO, driver productivity strategies, and much more.

Sessions will cover topics such as: how cloud-based intelligence software platforms will have a transformative effect on the way global businesses optimize their mobile assets and critical data; fleet centralization vs. regionalized structure; and  the changing dynamics in the global fuel card market from both provider and fleet manager perspectives.

Attend the International Fleet Academy and …

  • Participate in interactive discussion on a myriad of cultures, level of fleet experiences, and personalities.
  • Learn how one Fortune 500 company developed a global fleet management information system and discover their experience with telematics related to driver controls and awareness issues.
  • Learn from a panel of experts tackle strategic value-added issues that are important to global fleet managers such as setting appropriate levels of expectations from your OEMs and FMS, dealing with local fleet organization management and dealers, and how to get value from OEM/FMC partnerships
  • Get a progress update on global electric connectivity

Whether you are new to global fleet concerns or an experienced professional with a complex fleet across numerous nations and cultures, this conference is a must-attend event for the serious global fleet professional!

  • Created by NAFA for NAFA members and fleet professionals!
  • Receive comprehensive training from experts in the field!
  • Discuss real-life case studies from expert fleet managers!
  • Leave with real cost-savings solutions and new resources for a true return on your investment!

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